Photo of Elea

I grew up in Northern California (SF Bay Area) and moved to Portland, Oregon in 2013 so that I could afford to work in the social impact space.

Previously, I was a user experience designer and worked at OkCupid Labs, Idealist.org, and Upworthy. I also wrote pieces for Model View Culture and The Pastry Box Project.

These days, I do a lot of community organizing and push for disability justice, accessibility, and diversity and inclusion. I created (and run) Affect Conf and am currently the board president of Stumptown Syndicate.

Outside of work, I like to sing (I’ve participated in a karaoke contest, tried out for The Voice twice, and attempted to compose songs with poor results) and pet all the furry animals.

If you’re into Twitter, you can say hi @elea. Offline, you’re most likely to find me around various coffee shops.