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Looking for help to make your events more accessible? As a disabled community organizer, I’ve spent a lot of time navigating inaccessible spaces and coming up with strategies to make spaces more people-friendly.

Accessibility workshop

Book a 2-hour workshop to dive into how your org can better incorporate accessibility into spatial planning and design and create better experiences for everyone. We’ll discuss common scenarios, pitfalls to avoid, and how to measure progress. The workshop will be customized for your specific group and audience, with participants directly creating an accessible event or office layout during the workshop.

Interested in sample materials? Check out the adapted 90-minute discussion I co-led at the 2018 Allied Media Conference.

At the moment, this workshop is conducted only in-person (I reside in Portland, Oregon and can travel depending on your budget). Sliding scale pricing is available.

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Event accessibility consulting

Do you hold events regularly or run a conference or convention? We can go through your venue, budget, and materials to create actionable next steps for improving accessibility.

I’m available for both a one-time event evaluation and working on retainer / contract and would particularly love to work with groups focused on social impact.

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